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Garner DDM-34/35E

Garner DDM-34/35E

Garner Product

The DDM-34/35E combines the HD-3WXLE High Power, High Volume Degausser, the PD-4E or PD-5E for destroying hard drives after degaussing, and the CASE-DDM34/35E (MIL-Spec transport case with foam) for easy transport and deployment.

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Our custom-designed MIL-SPEC cases are included at no charge with your purchase of a DDM-34E or DDM-35E mobility package. Each case is designed and constructed to securely hold specific equipment models and features:

High quality ball-bearing wheels that roll smoothly over uneven surfaces and carpets

Mobile workstation table when wheels are locked and latches closed

High-quality, full-swivel, locking and removable caster

Heavy-duty steel compression latches

Inset handles allow you to pull and turn equipment with ease

Compact size to fit through standard doorways and into elevators

Lifetime parts warranty

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