Complete data elimination for all formats

Garner HD-2E


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Independently Tested Fully Compliant with all safety EMC requirements

Whitepaper on Magnetic Fields while using a degausser

The HD-2E is the most innovative product in the Garner line of degaussers. It erases hard drives (laptop, desktop and network up to 1.5" high) and high coercivity tape media, including all LTO, all DLT, AIT, 8mm and more, all without any adapters. Features include a continuous duty rating (no cooling necessary) quiet operation and a 60 second cycle time. Now even lighter, only 15.5kg.

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Add our optional SCAN-2E scanner and software package to create a media destruction report during the degaussing process.

Compact and easy to use.

Internal field checker ensures complete erasure of hard drives and tapes.

Complete erasure in 60 seconds.

Erases 5,000+ Oe HD Media.

Independently tested and certified to CE/ANSI directives for electrical safety, compatibility and interference.

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