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Garner IronClad Erasure

Garner IronClad

Garner Product   Ironclad

Verification System

The IronClad system provides audit worthy proof of destruction in a completely automated way. Be both secure and compliant with the Garner IronClad.

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Add our optional SCAN-2E scanner and software package to create a media destruction report during the degaussing process.

Compact and easy to use.

Internal field checker ensures complete erasure of hard drives and tapes.

Complete erasure in 60 seconds.

Erases 5,000+ Oe HD Media.

Independently tested and certified to CE/ANSI directives for electrical safety, compatibility and interference.

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Watch IronClad Ersure Demonstration Video with Garner TS-1E

Watch IronClad Ersure Demonstration Video with Garner HD-3WXLE