Your hard drives,

The best way to dispose of end-of-life digital media.
100% data elimination, bulletproof audit trail, zero risk.

Degauss. Destroy. Verify.

You can erase your old hard drives with a degausser. You can crush them with a destroyer.
For GDPR compliance, you should do both – and prove it with a certificate of destruction.
Get all three in a bundle.


Hard Drive Degaussers and Destroyers

Disposing of old hard drives can be a headache. With our range of media destruction devices, disposal is easy and all data is completely erased with no risk of a breach. We also offer erasure verification, which provides audit-worthy proof of secure destruction.


Enterprise Media Shredders

Whatever your shredding needs, we have a device to suit you. From standard office paper disposal, to high-volume shredding, to destruction of CDs and solid state media, to elimination of Top Secret level documents to the highest standard - our range covers it all.


Data Backup and Duplicators

If you find yourself needing to make copies of CDs or DVDs, flash media or even entire hard drives without the hassle, look no further than our selection of duplicator towers and disk copying devices. These devices are ideal for purposes such as evidence collection by police and other agencies.


Ultracapacitors for Data Centres

Ultracapacitors provide a burst of power when you need it most. With fast charging and discharging, ultracapacitors are ideal for situations where a short-term, high-output power supply is required. Some examples include UPS for data centres, starter motors, and wind power backup supplies.

Some of our satisfied customers...


Some of the industries we work with...

Finance & Insurance

Financial institutions generate, store and process a lot of customer data. When that data is no longer useful, it must be securely disposed of. A degausser does the job perfectly, and can also enable a vital audit trail with IRONCLAD.


Keeping confidential patient records confidential is essential. We've heard horror stories about medical data breaches and the resulting fines. No healthcare institution wants to be another statistic.

Police & Government

Efficient evidence and record collection is critical to keeping the justice process moving. Automated media duplication devices take the hassle out of copying CD and USB drives., and destroyers allow for subsequent disposal.

Data Centres

Data centres have a huge number of hard drives to deal with, but our latest offering is something else entirely. Ultracapacitors provide powerful and reliable emergency backup power if your service is interrupted.

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