Varese-secure Ltd

Meet our new Digital Content and Marketing Executive

Varese-secure Ltd, purveyors of world-leading data elimination systems, today announced the appointment of Luke Atkin as their in-house Digital Content and Marketing Executive.

With five years’ experience in the technology industry, Luke aims to offer some valuable insights of his own, which he hopes will make waves in the business of data destruction.

“In any industry, there’s a lot of misinformation,” Luke says. “People are set in their ways, they believe that X technology doesn’t work, they should be using Y technology instead; you know how it is. Since joining Varese-secure I’ve done some research, I’ve taken a look at the market for data erasure systems – and there certainly is a market, especially with the GDPR now in full force – and there’s a great deal of uncertainty about these things.

“People aren’t sure of the best way to dispose of their old drives and tapes, they don’t know if they should buy equipment to do it in-house or outsource the job to external companies, they want to know if their devices can be reused, and so on. I’m hoping to be able to share the facts about these topics to help people make informed decisions, even if doing so ruffles some feathers with the competition. Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be weighing in on the issues that matter to you, so that you can do the right thing with your data before the ICO comes knocking at your door. And don’t worry, I cite my sources and back up my claims – no fake news here.”

Luke’s duties will also include keeping the company website up to date, as well as producing new brochures and other media. “There are some really great innovations coming down the line from our friends across the pond at Garner, and I’m looking forward to getting the word out about these through 2018 and beyond,” he explains. “Keep an eye out for new whitepapers, video and other nice bits and bobs from us; we’re hoping to launch an email newsletter in the near future so you can catch up with the latest data protection news in one place.”

The rollout of new content is expected to begin from 9th July on