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Take the hassle out of procurement with leasing

When it comes to disposing of old hard drives or tapes, everyone knows that a degausser is the best tool for the job. You didn’t know that? You should, we’ve told you enough times! But don’t worry, we forgive you. You probably didn’t pay it any mind because, let’s face it, degaussers are expensive. Maybe you’re not a data centre or a large organisation with thousands of old drives to get rid of, so buying a degausser just isn’t the right move for you. That’s okay! Fortunately for you, we’ve recently partnered with the good folks at Shire Leasing to allow you to lease a degausser instead of outright buying one.

So, how can leasing benefit you? First and foremost, leasing eliminates the upfront expense of purchasing a degausser, leaving your cash flow free to breathe. When faced with a restrictive budget, companies often shop around for the cheapest option; this is an unwise decision with degaussers, as “budget” models sold by third parties are often outdated and prone to problems. With no such restrictions, you’re free to work with quality equipment.

Aside from freeing up budget and alleviating finance concerns thanks to regularly scheduled payments, there are other benefits to leasing. We frequently add new or improved models to our range of degaussers and destroyers, and with our flexible leasing options, you may be eligible to swap out your current equipment for the latest and greatest hardware. Something else you may be eligible for is tax benefits; leasing payments can be 100% tax-deductible. This, and any other allowances you may meet the criteria for, is something you should discuss with your accounts department to consider your options.

One question remains: why lease? Why not simply rent from us, or find a third party with a degausser who can meet your hard drive destruction needs? These are perfectly valid options; we have a network of trusted recycling partners using our equipment who can assist with such endeavours. But we do have a key reason to recommend leasing: our partners at Shire Leasing. Shire have been delivering market-leading service for more than 30 years, so naturally they’re a perfect choice to deliver flexible and reliable leasing options for us. If you’re at all interested in trying out a degausser or destroyer – whether it’s to buy, to rent or lease, or simply to see what you’ve been missing – don’t hesitate to get in touch.