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A quick guide to secure data standards

If your business handles personal data, then congratulations: you’re just like everyone else! Yes, we all deal in data, whether that’s confidential customer details or employee payroll or any number of other things. Naturally, it’s vital to keep this data safe and secure. But who’s telling us to do that, and who dishes out punishment if we don’t? Today I’d like to talk about the standards and the regulatory bodies keeping a watchful eye on your data security. There are a large number of differing standards across a range of industries; some cover keeping data safe, some cover getting rid of it securely, and some are extremely broad and pertain to more than just data. I know that sounds dreadfully dull, but bear with me here – it’s actually not so bad.

The current “hot topic” in the thrilling world of data legislation is of course the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. This European standard dictates “need to know basis” terms for holding data, on clients or employees;