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Are hardware data breaches really a thing in 2021?

Cast your mind back to 2008. The financial crisis is in full swing, but that doesn’t stop tech-hungry consumers clamouring for the new iPhone. But something else was making the news around that time; this was the era of data breaches. From 2007 to 2009, more than a dozen instances of confidential data falling into public hands were exposed in the UK alone. Laptops left on trains, USB sticks dropped in car parks, and hard drives misplaced by IT auditing companies – containing sensitive data about government workers, prisoners, armed forces personnel and more. Businesses were put on high alert to ensure their data didn’t go walkies.

But this isn’t 2008, it’s 2021. The cloud computing boom has made USB sticks largely redundant, the rise in remote working has forced companies to invest in secure platforms for moving data around, and new legislation like the GDPR has imposed heavy fines on firms which practice poor data security. So the question is this: are hardware data breaches still relevant in 2021? Or is the data security game squarely in the hands of hackers and cyber-criminals now?