Garner HD-3WXLE

Garner HD-3WXLE

Garner Product   Ironclad

The HD-3WXLE is the most popular and innovative product in Garner’s line of hard drive and tape degaussers. The user friendly input system provides effortless loading of various sized hard drives and tape media without the need for adapters. Once degaussed, the media is automatically released down the exit chute. The HD-3WXLE erases all hard drive and tape formats that fit into the 6.75 x 4.5 x 1.8 inch degaussing chamber. Media formats include large & small hard drives, network hard drives, LTO, SuperDLT, DLT, 9940, AIT and more.

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Add our optional SCAN-1E scanner and software package to create a media destruction report during the degaussing process. High-speed, high-volume degausser.

Erase up to 360 drives/tapes per hour all day, every day.

Independently tested and certified to CE/ANSI directives for electrical safety, compatibility and interference.

Internal field checker ensures complete erasure of hard drives and tapes.

Complete erasure in 10 seconds.

Plugs into a standard wall outlet worldwide.

Portable when used with Optional MIL SPEC Transport Case.

Accommodates a wide variety of tapes and hard drives.

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Watch HD-3WXLE Demonstration Video

Watch IronClad Ersure Demonstration Video with Garner HD-3WXLE