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Reliable data backup and duplication

We can supply a complete range of CD/DVD/Blu-Ray duplicator towers, USB duplicators, Solid State duplicators for Compact Flash, SD cards and MicroSD cards.

What is degaussing?

Discover how degaussing works and why it's the best way to dispose of data on magnetic media.

Which degausser do I need?

Take a look at our product comparison to find the device that's right for your business.

Build your own bundle

Degauss, destroy and recycle with a bundled hardware package built for mobility and value.


Duplicators from Virtual Vision

We are proud to be Garner Products‘ international distributor for the EMEA region.

Garner Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of data degaussers and physical hard drive destroyers which guarantee total data elimination. Garner degaussers permanently erase data from hard drives, LTO and DLT tapes, and many other magnetic media formats. Pair with a Garner physical destroyer to efficiently bend, break and mangle hard drives to prevent re-use. Built with best-in-class heavy-duty design, Garner equipment is suited to any environment, from the office to the battlefield.

Garner degaussers are also compatible with optional IRONCLAD verification technology, which provides audit-worthy proof of destruction for total compliance with data handling regulations.

Evidence Collector

Fast, efficient backup of important data/pictures

Varese-secure can supply multi-media data capture products especially designed for picture evidence teams in organisations such as the Police, Fire Services, Local Authorities and Environment Agencies.

CopyBox Hard Disk Duplicator 5/11

Easily duplicate hard drives across multiple formats

The CopyBox HDD 5/11 is a standalone hard drive duplicator, suitable for hard disks and solid state disks (SATA, IDE with adapters). The system can simultaneously copy five 2.5″ or 3.5″ disks with duplicate data throughput of 6 GB per minute, per channel. The following operating systems and file structures are supported by common CopyBox HDD 5; Microsoft (NTFS, FAT16, FAT32), Mac (HFS +) and Linux (EXT2, EXT3). Also hard disks with unsupported file systems can be copied. Using the “Sector to Sector” function. The “source” disk and the five “target” hard drives are easily connected to the SATA ports at the top of the CopyBox HDD 5/11.

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