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Hard Drive Destroyers and Crushers

The fast and efficient way to destroy your hard drives

NSA listed hard drive destroyers can render magnetic and solid-state drives totally inoperable. It’s the best way to destroy your end-of-life media, and it only takes a matter of seconds. It’s been tested for use up to the highest security level, Top Secret, so you’ll have total peace of mind.

Fast and powerful hard drive destroyers bend, break and crush magnetic hard drives, and can pierce and waffle solid-state media too, ensuring complete destruction. 

The GDPR requires you take “reasonable” steps to protect sensitive data, but why settle for reasonable? Destroy the drive and the risk with this NSA listed hard drive destroyer.

Garner Products PD-5E NSA-Listed Hard Drive Destroyer

NSA/CSS listed destroyer for degaussed drives and crusher for solid-state media.

– Fastest NSA/CSS 9-12 compliant HDD destroyer on the market
– Delivers 15 tonnes of power in under 18 seconds
– Lightest electric destroyer on the market
– Crushes multiple drives at a time
– Lightweight and quiet office friendly design with no hydraulics

The PD-5E is also compatible with the Garner IRONCLAD unit for a complete audit trail.

high security degaussers Garner PD-5E SSD-1E

Garner SSD-1E Solid State Crusher Add-on for PD-5E

Crusher for solid-state hard drives and other media, the perfect addition to the PD-5E

– Crusher pierces and waffles SSD chips and controller boards with 90 pins
– Destroys solid-state drives, plus USB drives, smartphones and more
– No setup required, simply insert into the PD-5E unit to use

The SSD-1E is the ideal companion to the PD-5E to cover both your magnetic and solid-state media destruction needs.

Add the Garner PD-5E IRONCLAD Erasure Verification System

The only audit trail you need – perfect for GDPR compliance!

The IRONCLAD system provides audit-worthy proof of destruction in a completely automated way. As a result, you’ll be secure and compliant with Garner’s patented IRONCLAD technology.

– Captures photographic evidence of destroyed media
– Records operator ID, serial numbers, crush depth, date and time
– Standalone unit, no need to connect a laptop
– Export to Excel or PDF for an instant audit trail


About Varese-secure Ltd

We are a UK based business supplying data protection solutions to buy or lease to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our experience spans over a decade in data protection, with 35 years of prior IT background.

The equipment we provide safely & securely erases data permanently from hard disk drives, magnetic tape, and solid state media. Our scope of product includes electromagnetic degaussers which erase magnetic media, and physical destroyers which bend, break and destroy hard drives.

Our systems are designed for safe, efficient and quick use in a variety of environments including offices, banks and data centres, amongst many others. All are built to the highest possible standards ensuring complete peace of mind.


Exclusive EMEA Distributor of Garner Products

We are proud to be Garner Products‘ international distributor for the EMEA region. We have enjoyed a great relationship with Garner for several years, being honoured with numerous awards for our service.

Garner Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of data degaussers and physical hard drive destroyers which guarantee total data elimination. Garner degaussers permanently erase data from magnetic media. Pair with a Garner physical destroyer to bend, break and mangle media to prevent re-use. Built with best-in-class heavy-duty design, Garner equipment is suited to any environment, from the office to the battlefield.

Garner degaussers are also compatible with optional IRONCLAD verification technology, which provides audit-worthy proof of destruction for total compliance with data handling regulations.

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