The easy way to acquire new equipment

Varese are pleased to be able to offer a quick and simple way of procuring your new equipment, through our preferred leasing partner Shire Leasing.

Eliminate uncertainty

Plan and prepare for the future by fixing rental costs and interest to be paid throughout your contract.

Improve cash flow

Avoid the costs that come with upfront purchases and alleviate cash flow by spreading the cost.

Protect existing lines of credit

Using asset finance protects your existing lines of credit such as bank loans and overdrafts.


In partnership with Shire Leasing

Since 1990, the innovative and agile Shire Leasing Group has been working with manufacturers, resellers and distributors like us.

Shire’s vision is to provide a market-leading service through innovation and expertise, delivering flexible funding solutions for British businesses.¬†Supported by the British Business Bank, Shire Leasing are committed to supporting British businesses, and have helped over 60,000 customers throughout their nearly 30 years in business.

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