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Total data elimination for magnetic media

A degausser uses a powerful magnetic field to completely and permanently erase all data from hard drives, tapes and other magnetic media. Degaussing with one of our devices wipes 100% of the data, guaranteed. It’s absolutely the best way to erase end-of-life media, and it only takes a matter of seconds. The GDPR requires you take “reasonable” steps to protect sensitive data, but why settle for “reasonable”? Wipe out the data and the risk with a degausser.

What is degaussing?

Discover how degaussing works and why it's the best way to dispose of data on magnetic media.

Which degausser do I need?

Take a look at our product comparison to find the device that's right for your business.

Build your own bundle

Degauss, destroy and recycle with a bundled hardware package built for mobility and value.