Degausser and Destroyer Rental

Data destruction when you need it

If you’re looking for a short-term data destruction solution without significant investment, why not try rental? Our range of degaussers and destroyers are available for hire from as little as £350 per week, with flexible terms to suit you.

Rent a degausser

Securely erase magnetic hard drives,
with a complete audit trail.

Rent a destroyer

Crush magnetic or solid-state drives,
with a complete audit trail.

Rent to buy

With our rent-to-buy scheme, any money you put towards degausser or destroyer rental costs can be deducted from the equipment cost should you choose to purchase it. This flexible plan allows you to change your mind at any time.  Get in touch today to talk to us about making such an arrangement.

Degaussers from Garner Products

Garner HD-2XTE

Compact degausser

– Lightweight, compact and fast erasure
– Perfect for erasing a medium volume of drives
– Ideal for an office environment

Garner HD-3XTLE

High volume degausser

– Fast erasure with hard drive feeder for super speed
– Perfect for erasing a large volume of drives
– Ideal for a data centre or recycling company

Garner TS-1XTE

High security degausser

– 20,000 Gauss NSA-listed, most secure drive erasure
– Perfect for a small volume of high security drives
– Ideal for a military or government agency

Destroyers from Garner Products

Garner PD-5E + SSD

Hard drive & SSD destroyer

– Powerful crusher for magnetic hard drives
– Also includes solid-state drive crusher addon
– Ideal for destroying multiple types of media

Garner PD-4E

Magnetic drive destroyer

– Powerful crusher for magnetic hard drives
– A simple solution for disabling magnetic drives
– Well suited to destroying degaussed drives


Solid-state media shredder

– Shreds smartphones, USB drives, SSDs and more
– SmartCut technology adjusts to fit the media
– Compatible with IRONCLAD auditing system

Flexible terms to suit you

How long do you need it?

Flexible rental periods from days to months.
Use our equipment for as long as you need it.

Pickup or delivery?

Arrange for us to deliver the hardware to you,
or pick it up if you're in the neighbourhood.

Any extras with that?

Rental equipment comes with optional
accessories, auditing systems and carrying cases.


Degauss, destroy, recycle

If you’re renting hard drive destruction equipment, you should also consider what you plan to do with the drives once they’ve been destroyed. Degaussed hard drives can’t be reused, so you’ll need to dispose of them responsibly.

We work closely with our network of recycling partners to offer the final step in our “degauss, destroy, recycle” process. Talk to us today about your options for environmentally sound hard drive disposal.

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